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If you've found a book, you may send us an email. You'll find our email-adress at the page contact us in english. We reply your email as soon as possible (mostly within one day) and we'll suggest the way of payment and shipping. Costs of sending depends on weight, dimensions and destination. Please mention our number of the book (column most right).
All prices are in Euro, though we accept US$ as well. Mostly people from abroad sent us money in notes in a letter, some extra sheets will hide the notes. Change in coins we include in the parcel we sent in return. In case of payment by bank we have to give you some codes for this transaction.

Remarks about the books are mentioned in the column "Opmerkingen: druk, illustraties, kwaliteit". Her we give , in dutch, information about the print/reprint, illustrations and the condition of the book. If you wish we can send a scan of the book. So ask us.

Here we give the several pages/classes in which the books are placed with a description in English:
pagina/page in Dutch in English
Alternatieve levensvisies alt. Geneeswijzen, astrologie Astrology, mysteries, dreaming, parapsychology, dying and mourning, books about UFO's
Cartoons   Cartoons
Duits Origineel Duitse en in het Duits vertaalde literatuur en romans Original German literature and translated into German
Economie, handel en bedrijven ook jaarverslagen Economy, business, management, about companies
Engels Origineel Engelse en in het Engels vertaalde literatuur en romans Original English/American literature and translated into English
Filosofie   Philosophy
Fotografie   Photography, technics and work of photographers
Frans Origineel Franse en in het Frans vertaalde literatuur en romans Original French literature and translated into French
Gelegenheidsuitgaven uitgaven tgv jubileum etc. Books released for certain occasions, jubilee etc.
Geografie ook boeken over steden, regio's, reizen About countries, certain regions, cities, travelling, expeditions, mountaineering
Godsdiensten   Religions
Hobby en handenarbeid   Handycrafts on hobby level
Historie wetenschappelijke verhandelingen en b.v. oorlogsromans History, politics, scientific approach as well as the 'better' novels
Humor   Humor, not cartoons
Jeugdboeken ook oudere nostalgische boeken Juvenile books, from 0 upto 20, mostly in dutch
Kookboeken ook wijn Cookery books, also about wine and spirits
Kunst ook bouwkunde, archeologie Art, archeology, architecture
Literatuur en romans Oorspronkelijk Nederlands en vertalingen Original Dutch and translated into Dutch
Media film, journalistiek, tv About films, tv, cabaret, journalism, newspapers
Medisch wetenschappelijk en populair wetenschappelijk Medical books, both scientific and popular
Muziek klassiek en populair Classic and popular music, artists
Natuur en biologie wetenschappelijk en populair wetenschappelijk Nature and biology, both scientific and popular, nature guides
Pedagogie   Pedagigics, teaching, education,
Plaatjesalbums   Books for collecting special pictures
Psychologie   Psychology
Rechten en staatsinrichting   Law and government
Series zoals Shell-journaals, AO-reeks Special series as published by companies
Sexualiteit, sex en erotiek   Sexuality, sex and erotic
Sociologie   Sociology
Sport en spelen hieronder ook bv sportvissen, schaken, kaart en bordspelen Sport and games. Fishing as well as cardplaying, sailing and chess or football
Techniek   Technics
Transport alles over scheepvaart, visserij, luchtvaart, treinen everything that moves: sailing, boats, fishery, aircrafts, trains, automobiles etc
Wetenschappen chemie, wiskundeetc. Wetenschappelijk en populair wetenschappelijk Science. All exact sciences exept biology. Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics. Including theses
Diverse onderwerpen   Remaining subjects

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