(maybe our english isn't perfect but I'm sure it's better then your dutch!)

If you've found a record, you can contact us in english. We reply your email as soon as possible (mostly within one day) and we'll suggest the way of payment and shipping. Costs of sending depends on weight, dimensions and destination. Please mention our number of the record (column most right).
All prices are in Euro, though we accept US$ as well. Mostly people from abroad sent us money in notes in a letter, some extra sheets will hide the notes. Change in coins we include in the packet we sent in return. In case of payment by bank we had to give you some codes for this transaction.

The records are inspected by eye. The score, given in the column "waardering" means:
3: some clearly visible scratches/dirt
4: only a few little scratches, not very dirty
5: no scratches or dirt visible by eye

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